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Many of you have already discovered, and e-mailed me to let me know, that there was a slight problem with the notifications leaving the server during last week. Unfortunately the nature of the problem was such that I couldn’t reply to individuals to let them know, because, well, mail to those individuals wasn’t leaving the server!! Catch 22.

It was basically a side effect due to the IP Address change. The people in control of the domain name system hadn’t added ‘’ (the name of the server) to the domain name system for the new IP and as such a number of service providers, the biggest being AOL, said ‘no name, means no mail’ and issued a ‘temporary rejection notice’ to our server. This meant our server held the mail for up to 5 days before deleting it.

Thus, once I asked the provider to set things up properly, AOL (and the other providers who’d been rejecting our mail) suddenly started accepting it all again, and the server gleefully sent out any that were waiting to – including those in the 5 day backlog. So, for some time people will have seen no notifies and then got a whole bunch in one go.

Apologies for that, and apologies that I couldn’t respond to each person that mailed about it – there was just too many of you and the server wasn’t sending mails to you anyway!


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  1. Catch 22.. That was a great book.. Thanks for fixing it. I know I, for one, didn’t expect a personal reply. Kind of figured it wasn’t just me. I’m not THAT narcissistic.. Only just slightly, lol. Just figured to give you a heads up because it always seems that the more people let a body know the easier it is to narrow down the cause. Especially since it was obvious it wasn’t affecting every user.. Good job.

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