First Entry on the New Server

This is the first entry on the new server and if you’re reading this it means you’re talking to the new server.

If you’re an ex-AtomIC Album user that primarily uses DearDiary (not UKTrainSim) you now need to login to HamiPiks at to upload/edit your pictures.

If you’re an ex-AtMail user that used as your e-mail delivery address you will need to login to HamiMail at to pick up (and send) your emails. Please note that at the moment this site looks surprisingly similar, but it’ll be rebranded to avoid confusion over the next few days, so don’t be surprised if it changes!

Note that UKTrainSim users should continue to use the AtomIC services as they did before the changes (ie, Alan, re your question, your Album and AtMail settings and features won’t have changed at all)

There is almost CERTAIN to be things that go wrong. If you spot anything unusual (preferably that involves the site, but what the heck, if your brother starts acting strange and claims to have been abducted by aliens we won’t mind hearing about that too) please drop us a line – the contact button at the bottom should work, if thats whats broken, leave a comment, or mail [email protected] or [email protected]


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