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If you need feature rich and affordable website hosting look no further than Kabarty, the owners of DearDiary.Net as we now offer website and domain hosting for a tiny amount each year. A fully featured control panel along with secure webmail, frontpage extensions, php scripting, MySQL database and a whole heap of other things is available for a bargain price.

If you’re in the UK, visit
If you’re in the US, visit
If you’re in Australia, visit

From those three sites you can see the prices in your local currency and get a full feature list. We accept payments in UK Pounds, Aussie Dollars and American Dollars using either Credit card or Paypal. (We can also accept NZ Dollars but the NZ site is not yet finalised, so please e-mail for assistance). If you’ve any questions at all you can e-mail [email protected].

If you’re running a business and need a web presence or some assistance with your marketing material we can help there too.

We can also provide E-Commerce solutions tailored to your needs, with support for various payment providers, such as PayPal, Barclays Merchant Services, Worldpay and others. E-Mail us for more details about E-Commerce solutions.

Go have a look now by visiting the links above, and get your hosting provided by the same people who have successfully run and hosted DearDiary.Net for the past 6 years.

Steve and Rose, Kabarty Ltd.

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  1. I signed up in March and am VERY happy with the service! I’ve been a paying DD user since 2001, and it’s one of the best sites on the web. That’s why I decided to go with Kabarty.

    And no, I have not been compensated for this endorsement! 🙂


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