New Server Ordered.

OK. We give in. We can’t see any other way to sort the system speed out this time other than to bite the bullet and open the purse strings….

The new server is on order, is a dual pentium 850 with 512M of RAM and dual SCSI… Even thats not a big server by any stretch of the imagination, but it should be plenty compared with the current server which is a single pentium 500 with 256M of RAM and an IDE drive…

To be honest, its a miracle its stood this long 🙂

But – and this is the reason for listing the hardware above – unlike other sites who like to boast about the hardware they run and they list huge systems and burn loads of cash to do it, we prefer to get the last drop out of the hardware. We prefer to code things so they’re more efficient and can run effectively on minimal hardware. Thats how, since September 1999, this server has undergone NO hardware upgrades until now. We gone from zero hits a month and zero sites online to DearDiary.Net, AtomIC Webrings, Open Fiction and AtomIC Albums, and over three quarters of a million pages (somewhere near 4 million hits) per month on the same hardware. Its time to give it a break!

The new box should be here within ten days. We then have to migrate everything across, but we’ll keep you posted. In the meantime, if you haven’t subscribed yet, now would be a really really good time to, cos we’ve just doubled our outgoings!! Please help us, we’re not a rich dotcom, and we know you don’t believe us but we DO do this because we enjoy it!

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