Hits from 58.*

As many of you might have noticed, these hits were not disappearing. Thats because their ‘hitdate’ (ie, the date when they looked at your diary) where incorrectly stored as a time some 300 years or more in the future. Rather than wait for them to expire naturally (since most of us will have expired before they do :-)) I have now removed them. I didn’t want to do it earlier because statistically they were semi-valid hits. The hits had occurred, but the address they came from was invalid and the date was invalid.

This was due to a screw up in the script which imports the statistics from a file as mysql unfortunately doesn’t deal at all well with us logging every hit directly to the database…

Anyway, the bogus hits are now gone, I hope. If anyone has any that are still hanging around, if you could give me the IP address of the offending hits and I’ll try to remove them.


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