Web Hosting Now Available

After many months – or is that years – of promising such a service, we’ve finally managed to put something in place to provide a full web hosting package for DearDiary.Net users. Details can be found at www.kabarty.com

Those of you who’ve grown familiar with the Hamiko logo and Hamiko name, may be puzzled as to the name ‘Kabarty’. For personal reasons the name of Hamiko Limited is being changed to Kabarty Limited and there’ll be a few changes happening over the course of the next few months to reflect that. I’m not prepared to go into too many details publicly, those who know me personally will understand why this is happening, and those who don’t know me personally probably have no need to know why it’s happening.

If you look at the front page of www.deardiary.org you’ll notice it is hosted by Kabarty

Anyway – we believe we’ve put together a great hosting package at a really competitive price. We’re offering a one stop, off the shelf solution for hosting to make it easy for people to know how much they’re paying, rather than having all sorts of different solutions for different amounts of space, bandwidth and such like. Visit www.kabarty.com for more details.

If you’ve any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask – although please do it by pressing the HELP button at the top of this page – Reader Comments that ask questions don’t generally get answered.

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  1. Can’t wait to see the changes and all the exciting new secret stuff . . . life is never dull at Dear Diary. *smile* I think the webhosting is terrific.

    All the best with your new venture!

  2. It’s totally none of my busniess why you changed the name.
    But KABARTY? That’s a horrible name. Surely there could have been something else to call it.

    I’ll shut up now, since I’m not paying or anything.

  3. Will be moving my website over soon! Just gotta figure out how . . . will be looking into it over the weekend. Also working on graphics stuff that you can link to from here for DD users.

    Happy Easter to you!


    [album 128148 springflower.gif]

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