Anti Virus Protection For Plussed E-Mail Accounts

DearDiary.Net Plus Account holders now benefit from full anti-virus protection on their mailboxes, along with increased anti-spam protection after a small upgrade this afternoon to the server as part of our continued effort to give Plus account holders more and more benefits to being Plussed.

If you’re a Plus account holder you don’t need to do anything to activate the antivirus settings, it’s already applied and protecting your mailbox.

If you’ve any questions or issues please don’t hesitate to drop me a line.


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  1. hey steve,

    thanks for the free one month plus subscription i earned thru the contest. even if i wasnt able to use it. but to be honest, it was the hamimail i was supposed to use and try then. i never got access to it. i dunno why. i mailed you about it too. anyway, the thought of being able to get a smiley for me and my 2 other good friends was enough reward.

    thanks alot,


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