Inability to login

An upgrade to the system broke the authentication system which DearDiary.Net uses and unfortunately took a lot longer to trace down than usual due to a complete lack of any error logging, coupled with a reboot attempt (which sometimes works but rarely!) totally failing because the server would not restart.

The server restart issue has been fixed, and won’t recur (at least not for that reason!) and I have recompiled the authentication module and it too is now working.

Apologies for the inconvenience

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  1. i have had trouble entering and being directed here..
    I have to click on my favorite.. which takes me to my diary.. then hit home to come to home page..
    I just wonder if this is same deal???

  2. I am very pleased to see the way that the comment screen is when you go to verify. Now we can have wild backgrounds and not worry that people won’t be able to read the text on this screen – wonderful! Thanks so much – it seems a little thing but saves so much frustration.

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