New Friends System Now Online

The new friends system is now online. I hope that the screens I have written are not too confusing! Please give me any feedback you consider is necessary with regard to using the new system.

The system does away with the traditional ‘notify list’ scheme, in that now people do not need to receive an email and click a confirmation link. Instead, in order to be on someones notify list you must be a friend of the diarist and then request notification. To become a friend you need to login, hence the system knows who you are.

There are a number of ways to become a friend of a diarist, the simplest of which is to click on the ‘Notify List’ link (or whatever the diarist has set it to read as) as this link now is used for the friends system. Gradually I’d hope that diarists will update the link to ‘Be A Friend’ or something similar.

Alternatively, log in to your own diary, click Customize, choose General Diary Options, Manage Friends. You can then click a button which says Add Friend, where you can search by username for the friend you wish to add.

In the coming weeks/months there’ll be extra features that are hinged on this system, so although its annoying to have to get used to a new system, it will be worth it – I promise 🙂


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