Some comments for ActorMatt and RiseAboveIt

Hi guys,

I didn’t know where to put these comments to your comments, since if I comment on the entry itself then probably those comments would not get seen…

Anyway, regarding the Subscription idea. The idea is that a subscription will be voluntary. We realise that at least for the present, and probably foreseeable future, the internet model is simply this;

We want it now, we want it to be the best, we want you to support it 24 hours a day and for all that we’re willing to pay nothing for it.

(By the way, I apologise now if it appears the above comment is directed at ActorMatt and RiseAboveIt, it is NOT directed at them, it is the entire internet culture and is simply due to the roots, where the internet came from and grew up).

We are aware that to force people to subscribe would drop the level of users to worthless proportions. We’re not out to get rich out of subscriptions, we just want some help to pay for the site. We’re not a dotcom with millions to burn up and then we’ll go away leaving your diary and all your hard work high and dry. We’re a small company of two employee’s who want to make sure the site is around for ever. That means we have to ask for help.

Thats what the subscription mechanism will be. It is a chance for you, as a user to help. You won’t be required to subscribe, you can still use the site without subscribing.

The bottom line is this though, if people object to us offering a premium service because they can get it free somewhere else, then they have to make the choice. The choice is simple;

  • Get it free here but know you can pay if you can afford it and want to

  • Go somewhere else simply because its free

We won’t (and couldn’t!) stop them making the choice and leaving, even if it means there’s only three journals left (those being mine, Matt’s and Viivi’s!). At the end of the day, if there’s only us three left, the level of support mail will drop significantly 😉

The feedback is valuable however, so thanks to the two who’ve come out and said they don’t think its such a good idea. I hope you thought it wasn’t a good idea because you thought it would be compulsory to subscribe. It won’t be compulsory, but if you DO you will get some extra sweetners. Its that simple.


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