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I'm sure this has been asked before – and I have a number of things I need to implement myself – but since I'm on the drive to improve DearDiary.Net I figured I might as well throw open the doors of suggestion and see what you guys think it needs.

So, what DO you think DearDiary.Net needs?

I'm already preparing to remove a lot of the tables based layout and switch it to CSS and proper semantic markup. I'm also thinking Twitter / Facebook integration might be good (not sure how hard or easy that'll be mind you!). But anything else you can think of, go for it.

I look forward to hearing from you all 🙂

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  1. A photo applicatation that is faster than the current one ..mine always take an age to load .
    More easy to install custom wallpapers .

    Glad to see the server change went smoothly yesterday Steve .

    Linda in S Ont Canada …Supertrooper here .

  2. I could second the wishes on the photo storage (it would be nice to be able to upload multiple pictures at the same time). I’ve got so many pictures stored on Hamipiks now that it takes the thumbnails forever to load. The moment I make any change (move something to a folder, make something private, delete a picture) I have to wait forever for the thumbnails to load again. It would also be nice to be able to make a picture private at the same time you load it, instead of having to go back to the list and changing the setting to private after it has been uploaded. I somehow suspect that changes of this nature are already on your "to do" list, though.

  3. Off the top of my head, I think a snazzier front page might be in order. Might be more inviting for new people.

    I still think we have the best navigation of our archives and ease of finding an entry of ANY application I have ever seen on the intertubes. 😉 I like the fact that each entry is a stand alone page. It lowers the ‘way too much information’ factor, and gives a better sense of continuity to our diaries compared to other sites.

    The one thing that seems to be broken at the moment is the word search function. That is VERY handy when I am looking for some obscure topic I wrote about 5 years ago!

    Also, I use Flock as my web browser. It has a blog editor function that won’t work with DD. I don’t know how complicated it is to integrate that, but it would be nice.

    I agree with the fact that the customizer is a bit tricky and time consuming. HOWEVER, you don’t have to know that much HTML to get a really GREAT look for your diary either.

    Do you WANT DD to grow? If so, any suggestions on how we could help with that? I would be happy to promote it if that is a goal.

    Big hug from an appreciative blogger!

  4. Maybe a way to auto-renew our membership? I’d like that!

    I also agree the search function and the diary export option, I’ve always wanted to save it in a word file or whatever so I can have a hard copy, but I can’t get it to export in some sort of readable, printable fashion.

  5. fb would be good for those who have known/read each other for a while and have developed some trust, but I like how I can write here and generally people will keep it here and not discuss it elsewhere 🙂

    i think that deardiary should have a term reference link system. i don’t know if it’s possible, but say you could make a list of words, and every time you used that word in your diary, say an important character’s name, that word would become a link to a list of times the word was used in any entry. in this way, diarists could make it easy to sort out confusing past and present sub plots of journals which have been around for years and years.

    kind of the way wikipedia is set up where as you read an article, many words have links that lead to different articles which explain them so that you can then fully understand the first article.

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