More Updates :-)

I've made some major adjustments to the notification system, which comprises a number of different scripts at this stage. I have seen the new entry notifications going out from this diary, but haven't checked for other diarists – though they should go out just as well. Comment notify uses a different system and has been adjusted as well – but might need further tweaks – please let me know your experiences.

In other news, I am presently migrating Hamipiks from the old server to the new server, so you cannot make any modifications to existing pictures or folders at the moment. I have set the old server to show an error if you try, but there may be something I've missed. Any changes you make on Hamipiks after this is posted will NOT be saved, until further notice (probably a day or so). You won't need to do anything, all will still work – and your pictures are still viewable so diary entries or other places you've used your Hamipiks account will still work.

Could people give me a show of hands for who's still using Hamipiks? It has not received any attention either for many years but if people are still using it I will happily add it to the active project list and put some upgrades in place. Along with a rebrand 😉

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  1. Looks like the email notifies aren’t working too well at all. Rats. If it’s not one thing it’s another eh?

    I haven’t had a notify all day, nor have I had any comments on my entry which usually means no one knows I made one.

    My email is an ATT affiliate.

  2. I am not using Hamipiks now but do not want to lose existing photos. If I like DD changes I may want to come back and use it again. Still available for beta testing – you have my email addy.

  3. I’ve been storing pics on HamiPiks, although I haven’t posted or uploaded to them in a bit.

    But – since it’s more private than Google Docs or Facebook, I still use it for diary pics.

  4. Waves hand.

    I use Hamipiks all the time. As you can probably see, I have a TON of pictures on there. OY…

    I appreciate the storage to tell you the truth.
    I like that all those pictures I took YEARS ago are still on my diary. 😉

    Is there any advantage to using some other photo function on the net? Would it make your life easier?

  5. Still using HamiPiks – heavily. It’s the only photo dump I use on the web at the moment. I noticed you were migrating before you did the update when I got the aforementioned error message. The only glitch was that the error message kept kicking me out of the system entirely, so I had to log in again to view my files and grab some URL’s. Not a big deal, especially since this is just a temporary thing.

    I suspect more people would use it if it were just a little more user friendly. I think I mentioned a few of these before, but my upgrade wish list would include:

    – ability to make pictures private when uploading, instead of having to go back and manually privatizing pictures after upload.
    – ability to selected multiple pictures at a time to make private or public, rather than having to do it one at a time.
    – easier way to grab the URL of the picture than hitting the thumbnail and copying it from the address box in the browser (I know you give us not only the URL but the complete HTML code for posting pictures upon upload, but once you leave the confirmation page it becomes a little more burdonsome).
    – for those of us with many, many pictures stored, a faster way to load with thumbnails. It literally can take five minutes or more to load my page now, and the moment I make a single move (click on a thumbnail to get a URL, make a picture private or public, delete a picture, make a folder) I have to wait the entire five minutes for everything to load again.
    – it would be great to be able to upload more than one picture at a time.

    Which makes me look like an ingrate, because I’ve got a ton of pictures stored on HamiPiks for a really reasonable annual price, and I want to stress right now that I really do appreciate HamiPiks. The ability to hotlink these pictures to anywhere else on the web is worth the price of admission, even if nothing ever changes on the site!

  6. I still use Hamipiks and much prefer it when posting pics in my diary.

    In all this moving about have the notifies for yearly subscriptions been delayed? I just realized it is that time of year again and I have not received any dire notices that I’ve expired and must pay up.

    It would not do to miss that! 🙂

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