To Audstar, a reply to your comment :-)

Interesting, I can see the need for being able to have conversations in comments (and have everyone notified that a new reply has been added!) now. Actually I could before, but I'd really liked to have used such a feature for this response… Oh well, consider it the next job on the list for me 🙂

Anyway, to answer the comment Audstar posted regarding Kabarty no longer being in operation. That is indeed true, Kabarty is winding down AS A HOSTING COMPANY. Ultimately, Kabarty will cease to exist, and there's some work to be done with the accountant to work out how DearDiary can be transferred to Rose and myself privately with minimum tax implications. But DearDiary will continue to be operated by Rose and I even after Kabarty is officially no more.

So don't panic 🙂

I don't want to get into religious discussion particularly on this diary, but suffice to say that over the last 11 years I have had enough comment and insight shown to me to indicate that DearDiary will never make me rich (this side of heaven) but the service to God that is enabled through this site makes it compelling (and given my Christian beliefs, just about obligatory) to continue regardless. The recent and very sad passing of Pragmatist serving to show me just how important this website is to the people who use it. And thus, as I am no longer in the IT industry but now serve God through caring for the sick, I am in an even better position to understand just how important a site like this can be.

You can rest assured, until the Lord takes me too (and probably even after that!), DearDiary will be here for you. (Incidentally, I rather hope the Lord has no plans to take me for at least another 40 years – and possibly longer).

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  1. Thank God!! And God bless you for this work, and for this site. No kidding, when I first signed up (YEARS ago!), I was drawn to it because there was no adverts or fees or charges, and because I could design my own atmosphere, and write my heart, and you folks said (in your wording) that this would be a kind of experiment, but one that you hoped would keep going, so we could all have this as records of our lives, for years to come.

    So I’ve been coming here, sometimes daily, sometimes less often, but for years, and pouring my heart and soul into this diary. When it disappeared the other day, I thought that was it… and I mourned it, but it helped me be grateful for the fact that it was here. Now, I’m glad it’s back, and I’m glad YOU’RE here, and helping this site — which is very important in a too-crazy world — as a place for people like me to come, and put our hearts out there, and maybe help ourselves or help others, knowingly or otherwise.

    But it IS important! And thanks to you, sincerely. I’ll say a prayer tonight, for you, for yours, for all of us who write and read here, and thank God that we can share our hearts out here in cyberspace, and thank God that he sends people like you to help us all stay connected.

    Be well! Thanks for the reply (and to allay my fears about the Kabarty thing). And keep up the good works!!

    ~Audrey* (Audstar)

    May you live to 120.


    The kind of motivation you are describing is what makes this place great. Not numbers or dollar signs.

    Thank you for being … you.

  3. I for one cannot express my grattitude for all the work you do in running this site. Honestly don’t know what I would do without it. Only here can I truley express my feelings, vent and find peace in myself. It is through DD that I finally opened up to people about my rape. It is through DD that I found non-judging, supporting friends. DD has truley helped me – and is continuing to do so – in so many ways. So thank you for doing what you do.

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