Testing Notification System

Sorry, a bland entry because the notification system is missing the links to be able to click on! So hopefully I fixed it (not sure how it ended up being broken!)

Let's see.

This will also have fixed the fact that most people weren't even getting notifies… Sorry about that!

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    I’m getting comment notifies but no entry notifies except from Yetzirah though other people on my list are obviously posting. Yes, I checked my spam folder and there aren’t any notifies in there 😉

  2. One last little glitch to report……the notifies from Yetzirah still don’t have links in the body of the notify. Weird, because all others have been fine.

  3. Did you get the support request I sent in? My diary is still showing my paid membership as having expired, but I paid it a couple of weeks ago.

    ^ ^

  4. I’m getting all these jubilant comments on my diary that the link is working.

    Who knew it was so easy to make so many people happy over such a little thing.

    You are a magician!

    Happy Christmas to you and your family!

  5. Hi there.. I got a comment from Salamader.

    I’m passing it on to you.

    "A test for Steve? If he’s actually gotten in touch with you, please remind him that (last I heard) Bobbi (Welshamethyst) still can’t even access her diary, and that I’ve been forced to use Google because Hamipiks doesn’t work properly. "

    I’ve picked up some sort of lurker; so I privatised my diary and took down my Facebook page. The comments were unauthorized, and wierd, for the next to last entry made public said "no comments", but accidently I clicked on it, and there was a long strange account of this person’s thinking. Also, my email has been compromised. Thought you should know. hugs,

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