DearDiary.Net Server Move

Hi all,
    The DearDiary server has now moved (back to the US in fact) and if you're able to read this then you're looking at the new server (the old one is switched off presently).

Hamipiks has NOT yet moved and is not serving pictures at the moment – but it will be moving shortly so please bear with me. The same goes for OpenFiction.

In order to work on the new server I've had to make a number of fairly major changes – some of which went ahead before the move, but some happened because after I moved the system it wouldn't work! Therefore if you find something that isn't working, that's probably why. The chances are quite high that I DON'T know about it if it's not working (cos everything I've tested is OK, but DD is a very big system and there's probably something I've forgotten) which means please let me know.

You can let me know via our Facebook page or by following send a Tweet to @deardiarynet via – or by using the HELP button above.

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