Pictures stored on Hamipiks but no longer a Plus User?

I've just checked how many pictures are stored on Hamipiks and noticed that there's 349 Hamipiks users. Yet there are only 40 Plus account holders. That means there's 309 users who are hosting pictures on Hamipiks who aren't paying for the privilege.

It's fair to say that's not really anyone's fault but my own. But this entry is to notify those people that when DearDiary moves to its new home in a few days time, if your account is no longer a Plus account yet you're still using Hamipiks to serve pictures you'll no longer be able to do that as they'll be removed. I'll archive the images for a short period of time in case you wish to 're-Plus' after the fact but I'm not going to guarantee how long for – probably up to a month or so.

If you are still a Plus user you have nothing to worry about – although I shall probably rebrand Hamipiks at some point to be more DDCentric 🙂 One day, maybe. If you're lucky with a following wind.

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