Site Downtime

Firstly we’d like to express our apologies for the downtime of the server today.

Steve has been working flat out getting the new server online all day and it looks like it might finally be heading in the right direction.

We’ve just (far) more than doubled the size of the server that runs all of our sites due to the problems we’ve had previously during night time performance.

We tried the upgrade a couple of days ago but it failed because of a hardware problem – after fighting with our provider for a number of hours we finally convinced them that we knew what we were talking about and someone there moved our new hard drives to a completely new server, declaring our old one unserviceable (it had even had two new processors in it which stopped working almost immediately!).

The new box is enormously faster than the old one, we’re immediately seeing that now that the system is up and running, so I look forward to much greater reliability and hugely greater speed 🙂

Anything that isn’t working should be very soon but if any problems persist we would appreciate a (polite!) email explaining where the problem is so that we can get it fixed as soon as possible. Don’t worry about flooding us with email – we’d rather 200 people mailed us about the same problem than nobody did and everyone got annoyed it wasn’t being fixed.

I’ll stop writing in here now and get on with helping Steve get everything up and running – most services should be back now we’re just bringing up a few of the stragglers around the edges.

On a personal note, I’d like to add my express thanks and respect for Steve’s work today getting it all up and working on his own.

Matt and Steve

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