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First, the observation: When people commented on my private entry, unless they clicked ‘private’ the comment appears on the login screen for the entry for anyone to read, even non Dear Diary members. I wonder if comments on a ‘for friends’ entry could default to private?

Unfortunately that would require a major rewrite of the present comments system (which I’m not averse to, but probably won’t happen in the current Perl codebase as its just not worth it – the shelf life of the perl codebase is limited). The problem is that the comments are all tied into the first entry for that day – they know nothing of any subsequent entries. Indeed, making them aware of that would require an ‘Add Comment’ button after each individual entry, which as you can see isn’t present.

The comments system needs a darn good overhaul 🙂 I’ll certainly bear it in mind for the new software – which has been a long time coming I know – but it really is being worked on now (when I’m not working on new features for the existing code base)… Indeed, some ‘privileged’ people have seen the first steps so they can confirm it really is happening at last 🙂


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  1. It might be easier then for the author to put any entries that are intended for Friends Only on a page by themselves (a date by themseleves) so that the comments aren’t seen by non-friends of the entry’s author. Maybe a warning of some sort should come up to let us know that when we post a comment to a Friends Only entry in someone’s diary that our comment will be public unless we specify private?

    Although, it would be nice to see comments for each entry listed separately. You could still have multiple entries on a page/date, but with a comment section after each entry. (in the future versions of course!)

  2. Yes, I can understand all that. I thought it was weird though when you actually click to login in to the freinds page, that the comments showed on that screen where you enter your name and password. (before you even got to the entry).

    Not a big deal at all, I shall just have to forewarn posters that the comments need to be made private as well when reading a friends only entry.

    Thank you again for all your hard work making this possible, I know as you try new things, quirks are going to pop up in unexpected places. I’m so happy for your willingness to try new things and work through them.

    Great job! *smile*

    Thankyou for all the work you’ve done on this, Steve.

    It looks like there’re a lot of satisfied customers, all around. A very good solution. 🙂

  4. I’m trying to post to the forums for problem I am having but instead of being able to post all I get is repated prompts to sign in after I have, and have typed stuff in already. V/frustrating!

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