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Some discussions on the Facebook group, and comments within the site, led me to an outstanding idea (thanks MissTick!) which was to put a yellow notification bar at the top of your screen when new people have requested to become friends. This was, I believe, an awesome idea and as such has today been implemented and delivered. Yes, right there is the reason we switched software to WordPress. I can implement new features SO much quicker 🙂
So, if someone new requests to be your friend, you’ll get a notification at the top of your screen which will show only while you’re in the admin screens, but will persist until you visit the Friends section. Unfortunately I cannot ‘retro’ fit it, so if you have new friends from yesterday, they won’t trigger the notification. But new ones from now on will.
Coupled with the new friends search system I hope that will help people to find the friends system more useful.
I have also updated the Genesis Palette to give a hint as to why changes may not appear to be sticking. If you use Genesis check it out and let me know if it fixes your issue with the Genesis palette not updating your settings!

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  1. Genesis Palette: still doesn’t work, I’m afraid. Although, this is not technically correct. It does save changes, but only for the first time. Any consequitive change still doesn’t stick. For example: changed font color, saved new design, (enable changes ticked as well); refreshed the browser – new design does take effect.
    Then want to change font colour once more, changed, saved design, enabled changes, etc, it says new design saved, but when refreshed browser, the design reverted to the previously saved design palette.
    Tried on different browsers, even different computers, with all the nessesary browser refresh, still – only reverts to the first saved design palette.
    sorry :-/

    1. I’m not able to reproduce this, all my changes are saved each time – are you seeing any error message when you make the changes?

      1. Sorry, I haven’t checked this for some time, once I’ll do it, I’ll let you know if it works for me now. No error messages were shown at all.

  2. and of course, wanted to say thank you so much for looking into all these things for us! much appreciated!

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