Supporter Status Expiry

Hi all,    Currently there’s no ‘penalty’ for a Supporter when their subscription expires because the system doesn’t actually do anything when a subscription runs out. In the next few days (possibly a week or so) this will change. In a few days, if your Supporter status has expired any plugins that your diary uses that are Supporter Only plugins will automatically de-activate.
I’m not entirely sure who this will affect at this stage because I haven’t done a list of people (if any!) whose Supporter status has expired. But if your Supporter status has expired, be aware that any Supporter plugins will automatically switch off when I make the change.
Sorry to be a pain, but I do need to make some reason for people to re-Support us in the future.
I’m also working on ways to improve the automatic detection of spam diaries, and hopefully I can set the system up to automatically recognise spammers better.
Any questions, please leave a comment here!

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  1. Oh, as an adjunct to this, I’m also working on providing a list of current Supporters on a page, so that people can see when you’re a Supporter.
    On that note, would people also like some indication such as we had on the old system with the ‘smiley face’ next to your name when you show up in new posts on the front page and things? I’m open to suggestions here!

    1. Oh a smiley face or some other icon would be kind of fun. I noticed that the Genesis theme got an update from the creators too! Blessings to you and yours down under!

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