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The astute among you – and those who don’t visit the DearDiary Homepage, probably should once in a while 🙂 – will have noticed a new menu option on the front page, or indeed any page of this diary, notably ‘Forum’
Yes, I have introduced a discussion forum to the system. Your normal login name will work, and you can post and view any of the forums. At some point there may be private / Supporter only forums added but at this point I can’t see much point.
So, if you wanna chat with each other about ‘stuff’ – visit the forum! Let me know if you want any other forum groups added!

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    Hi Steve,I’ve been asked a question about friends in new and Old diaries and thought it would be useful to clarify the situation. Before I post it in my DD Tips, can you please take a quick look to see if I’ve got it right? I dont want to give out wrong information just because this is how I see it:
    thanks in advance!
    FIRST OF ALL what you have to keep in mind – the usernames in the old and in the new diaries, while the same, but sit in the different security systems, therefore you cannot be logged in to the New Diary and go read friends only entries in the Old one by clicking on their entry – you will have to re-log in to the old system and will be prompted for that.
    You CAN access Friend’s Only entries of your friends in the Old Diary.
    • You still should be able to go and visit your friends’ diaries on the old site if they are not migrated yet. If they have friends only entries, you should be able to see them exactly the same way as before – by logging into the old diary’s site with your OLD DIARY’s username and password. This wasn’t working before, but now it’s fixed, many thanks to Steve!
    Your friends from the Old Diary can ONLY access your Old Diary Friends Only entries
    • Your friends from old diary still can access your friend’s only entries in your OLD DIARY, the same way as they did before. Please note: it is up to you to let them know in your OLD DIARY that you have migrated it over and if you will be updating both in parallel for some transition time or if you have a “clean cut”. Personally, I think the clean cut is a better option and that’s what I did with mine: . It was easy for me, since I do not have Friends Only in Misstick’s. So anyone from the old site or, indeed, from anywhere, can come and read. However, if your new diary has a lot (or all) Friends Only entries, you might have to arrange a transition period when you will copy each friends only entry into two diaries for a while to allow your non-migrated friends to see your updates.
    Your friends from the Old Diary CAN NOT access your New Diary Friends Only entries
    • Since new diary has a new security system, you will have to re-add your friends again to let them read your New Diary’s friends only. CURRENTLY it is not possible to add un-migrated friends. (see above about keeping two copies of each entry for transitional period).
    Your friends who migrated from the Old Diary CAN access your New Diary Friends Only entries but have to be re-added
    • If your friend has migrated too, it is easy to add them to your Friends in the New Diary – see how to do it in my entry
    • You can also put links to their diaries to be displayed on your page permanently for quick connect – similar to Diaries I Read option in the old diary. You can put links to both, old or new diaries, it doesn’t matter, when follow the link to the old diary, you’ll get a prompt to enter username and password in order to read friends only, if relevant. How to do this has also been explained in DD Tipsies All-In-One.
    I do hope this might be of some use for those who feel suddenly cut off their friends after migration. Should the situation with cross-access between old and new diaries change in future, this entry will be updated respectively.

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