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DearDiary.Net offers you a fun and safe place to write your free online diary (also known as weblog, blog or online journal). DearDiary is highly customizable free to join and a has a lively, thriving online community with which you can interact.

Founded in 1999, DearDiary.Net is one of the original online diary sites. Also known as online journalling, DearDiary.Net provides a safe free space to journal your daily happenings.

Share your diary publicly or keep it private to yourself. You can do either at DearDiary.Net. Or, you can use our Friends system to select diary entries to be visible only to the people you call friends.

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DearDiary.Net – Free Online Diary

DearDiary.Net is highly customizable, free to join and has a lively thriving online community with which you can interact as much or as little as you choose. For those times when Twitter or Facebook isn’t enough, get your free online diary with DearDiary.Net and share your day with thousands of friends.

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DearDiary.Net is a fun, free place to write and share your online diary. But it takes money to supply the service and whilst some of the funds come from advertising on the site, we try to keep that to a minimum.

The rest of the running costs have to come from our Patreon Supporters. Patreon Supporters get some additional benefits that free users don’t get as our way of saying thank you for assisting to keep the site running.

Check our Patreon Page to become a supporter. We currently have [patreon_count] Patrons. Thank you!

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