Sorry folks… A slight booboo (as you all expected, I know!) meant that only NEW reader comments since the tweaks were being shown, even though the count was showing you had comments on your entries.

The count was wrong too if you had deleted comments.

Incidentally, one of the changes was so that if you deleted a comment, it merely marks it in the database as deleted. The reason being that we get a number of complaints to the abuse address were people have left abusive comments and they have deleted the comment before we get to see it. As such we’re powerless to do anything (no evidence == no crime and innocent before proven guilty type thing!). However, now the system marks it as deleted and therefore doesn’t show it on your diary, but it IS still held in the database, so we can see what is going on.

Thats why this diary was showing 11 comments when there were only 8 – cos I deleted three of them 🙂


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