Hamipiks Back Online

After much toing and froing (heh) they are now online.

There is a strange quirk with the Reader Comments that means on occasions the comments aren’t showing up even though they are posted correctly and are in the database. If you see this happening, please send me the URL to the entry so I can see if I can use the information to pin down what the heck is going on.


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    Steve, I’m sorry you’ve had to go through all this. Computers, God bless ’em, can be a pain.

    And just to make it even better, there’s another glitch that you might not know about. I can get here if I Google deardiary.net, and click on a link, but clicking the "Home" button on my browser gets me only a cPanel page that says there isn’t a website configured for that address. I’ve got to the deardiary home page, told the browser to use it as my home page, and it still comes up with the cPanel.

    I have, as I’ve just said, come up with a work-around, but am concerned that others may not have.

    Thanks, and I hope you got some sleep!

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