Comment Headache

OK, now I know why I wasn’t experiencing the problem and others were…

Our old ad provider obviously switched themselves off today, the ones who went bust that is, because it was the ad code that was causing the delay, while it tried to connect to the ad server to get an ad. I didn’t experience it because I’m a Premium User and so I didn’t see any ads 🙂

Its now, finally, fixed and some extra tweaks to the PHP engine should help too (like I removed the Java support since we don’t need it any more!)

Sorry for the aggro.

Now, tell me how we should go about the COPPA issue and kids using the site…


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  1. I have no answers. But I did get concerned when I read in a 10 year old’s diary (an abused child, I might add) that she was posting her yahoo and msn screen names and is conversing with people from here. I just am concerned for her safety and your liability. It was actually a plea from her for friends. It scares me.

  2. Supposedly you could rule out premium subscribers from this since anyone who is a minor would have had to get parental consent before shelling out any money.

  3. Hmmm … one needs to perservere to leave comments today, I see.

    I don’t have any suggestions, but I’m going to do a little research and tap some people I know who might be of help. No promises. I was a paralegal in a former incarnation (nothing to do with virtual law, though) so I at least know a couple of places I can check.

    I’ve half a mind to write my senators and congressmen about this as well. Activism is called for here. When a law is unreasonable, then it needs to be abandoned, and a new workable law put in it’s place.

    If I turn up anything useful, I’ll pass it on.

  4. Our liability is zero unless someone tells us about it, because we don’t moderate or monitor any of the entries.

    Which is why this has come up now, because we’ve been made aware that under 13’s are using the system. Prior to today we knew that we had under 15’s, which isn’t covered by COPPA.

  5. On the subject of liability again, our add entry screen also CLEARLY states, do not give out that kind of information. I don’t think we can be held responsible if someone clearly violates that…

    However, I can’t see any sensible answer to this whole thing and its getting really bothersome for 2 guys with no legal department to run…

  6. I’m experiencing a comment leaving problem when I click on the *leave comment* it polls for a very long time, it took me about 1.5 minutes to get this screen up.

  7. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t ban American users!! I really like DD, I don’t want to have to switch to another online diary! *gets on her knees and begs* PLEEEEEEEAAAAASSSSEE!! 🙂

    On the matter of banning under 13’s…How exactly would you go about this? I mean, couldn’t a kid just lie about his/her age? Perhaps you could have an additional online form for giving parental consent if someone’s under 13? I don’t know how you could go about doing this, but it’s an idea at least.


  8. Thank God I’m not a minor anymore…

    My year+ works would all be removed. This has been the only place I’ve chroicled my life.

    I’m sorry that the U.S. has all these odd laws preventing you from having a fun time with this, as I’m sure you originally intended to do. But, thank you. If there was any way I could help, I know I would.


  9. Don’t block US citizens!!! (‘Tis all!)

    (If you did, I would have to find a proxy… when there’s a will, there’s a way… :P)

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