We’ve made a couple of changes, notably to the web server software itself, that appears to have done the trick with the lockups. We have a secondary option up our sleeves just in case but it looks like we may well have fixed it.

For those that noticed no slow down for the last 90 minutes, you have Matt to thank for his excellent download software for UK TrainSim, which has now taken the load right off the server. Coupled with the extra RAM, the server is now flying again.


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  1. My Two Cents…. I seem to recall that when I first started my Diary about a year and a half ago there was somewhere around 3000 Diaries. Now’s theres….well MANY more. I was thinking that what needs to be done here is make the list longer for the "top 10". Maybe "top 20"?. And the "recent updates" list should be at least 8-10 more. Maybe it’s possible to cut some of the other stuff out if there’s not enough room to do it? Again, just My Two Cents:) By the way, I love this place.

  2. Ok, I don’t know whatcha mean by support requests so could u just humor me on this cuz I don’t know if it is one. It’s just an idea I had. Why don’t u add a chat or something here where if someone goes to someone elses diary and they are both on and they want to talk about it they can go there instead of leaving comments back and forth in each others diaries…. I don’t know how that would work but it was just an idea

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