Serious legal issues.

I have been alerted by a number of different people about receiving death threats to their workplaces and homes, and other types of harrassment to people who use this site.

We have today contacted the FBI because all parties (so far) are US based and we do not have the experience of the American legal system to determine what actions can be taken.

We have proof (which isn’t all stored on this server, so if the guilty person is reading this, there is no point trying to get into the server, the data is no longer on this machine) of who the person is and will be providing such proof, upon request, to the FBI. This is completely in line with our privacy policy which can be viewed at

In the meantime, I would urge people NOT to write anything that could be personally identifiable. Your information on the web is NOT SAFE. We can’t state this strongly enough. There are some fruitcakes out there (and this one knows to whom I am refering) who feel its quite OK to hide behind their anonymity and frighten people with what can only be described as personal terrorism tactics.

I await contact from the FBI, however if you are the person doing the threatening you would be well advised to consider your position. What you are doing is illegal and immoral and you will be found.

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  1. Wow what a horrible thing for someone to do!

    You did the correct procedure in notifying the FBI. There is a special squad designated for internet crimes and what you report qualifies as criminal activity. It is sad that human beings feel the need to terrorize others :*(


  2. Steve,
    On my first day back (and last email I opened today) I was notified by family members that some nut was phoning them and telling them I was dead. This would normally be ignored, but….when I am away it causes my family stress.
    Who ever the person is they know me only by the name Lilith. I’m very glad, now, that NO ONE knows my name.
    If it is any help to you CM has the voice recording.

  3. I am glad to hear it, guys. I hope something can and will be done about this person. I have gone private until it is taken care of. It’s sad when one person ruins a good thing for so many people.

    fyi..i heard the message threatening lilith, it is the SAME voice that left the messages on my voicemail. i’ve alerted the appropriate authorities here.

  5. Well I’m glad something is being done. I know that I’ve had my own form of it with the calls to our home, and threats in the form of revealing my real last name from a diarist here at DD.

    The net is trully a weird place at times.

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