The Winners And The Grinners

First Place: 1 year subscriptionCalantha

Second Place: 6 month subscriptionAlifelessordinary

Third Place: 3 month subscriptionJanuaryGirl

Other notable entries: 1 month subscriptions (unless already awarded above)


A note from the judges:

First off, FANTASTIC entries folks. Some of the entries not mentioned above will still be used in the theme section and your username attributed. Sadly some of the great entries were let down with things such as drop shadows on graphics where they looked out of place. All of these things however are all part of the experience, and next year when we run the competition again, you will be well practised!!

Thank you so much for your continued support of – we hope you enjoyed creating these themes as much as we enjoyed marvelling over all your graphic design talents and skills! Given the tough task of using non copyrighted images, you all did an excellent job at creating your own, well done!

In the other notable entries section, those who have won in places first, second and third will not receive the extra month, however we wanted you to know that these themes were also high up on our list of ones we thought were put together to create an excellent style.

Plus Additions will be applied to your accounts in the next day or two. Please leave your theme diaries alive for a little while so that people can see them 🙂

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  1. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! This has been so great. I think all the entries were wonderful and I hope we do see lots that aren’t on here used – some of my own pics from other diarists are missing and my fave of my own, the starfish. *smile*

    For myself, if you could leave me an email or private comment with suggestions for improvements, it would be greatly appreciated. This has been like taking a class for me, and I would dearly love the honest critique so I can work toward doing better themes as I am already looking forward to next years contest! *smile*

    I am thankful for the prize, but had I not won, I would still have appreciated this opportunity to learn and grow. It’s been great, and so good to get to know the other diarists as we were challenged and moved to create.

    What a wonderful idea this was, thank you again,


  2. Whatcha got against da fish huh huh huh? *wink*

    congrats Calantha! It is very pretty. My only suggestion would have been to make the navigation buttons a little smaller, but it looks lovely.

  3. you mean all my 3 entries won a 1-month subscription each hence making it like i got a 3 months subscription? wooohooooooo! woof woff! all m yonly 3 entries were chosen too? i won! i won! thanks a lot. all my entries got in!

    congratulations to the top winners too. it’s an honor to be lined up under them. and my designs noticed. yipeeee!

    oooppssss! i aint too happy, am i? lol. thanks steve!


  4. Thanks for making this such a fun and interactive site. The contest was a great idea. Congratulations to all the winners! They all did a great job and their talents shone through! I’m looking forward to being able to use some of their designs.


  5. Firstly.. I’d like to thank all those years of graphic design school without which none of this would be possible… Good to know I used the arts degree for something. 🙂 Thanks.

    I just changed some backgrounds on Mystique themeCalantha3 – I like it much better now and you are free to use it or not as you wish, thought you might like a second look.

  7. I am amazed to see my name listed! thank you so much! i really enjoyed the competition and have learned so much. i am looking forward to the next competition. thanks again.

    Hey guys.. Just wanted to let you know, the theme that I made that scored third is made up of aquamarines, not diamonds. It’s marked as diamonds on the theme menu drop down.

  9. I was willing to participate, but I didn’t have a suitable computer to work on (the home one was gone and I was on break). I’ve already submitted a bunch, and I’ll have more to submit once I’m back with my normal quota of free time (you know, the time when I’m supposed to do homework). :o)

    Congrats to all the winners; they look spectacular. :o)

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