Minor Comments Upgrade

It was requested some time ago by a fairly prominent member of the
community, that diarists be given the ability to make comments on their
diary private if, for example, someone has left a comment that was for a
Friends Only entry but the person leaving it had left it as a public

I am pleased to announce that said feature is now in place. If you wish
to make a comment private that was previously left public, you can now
do so by clicking on the ‘privatise comment’ link which is alongside the
ban user or delete comment options. Once made private there is not an
option to make it public again, since I can’t see why you’d want to and
I can’t be bothered to produce something that’s of little use.

If there’s any questions, problems or suggestions please feel free to
drop us a line.


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  1. I think I recall seein’ that suggestion some time back, and I’m just glad that the idea didn’t get "lost in the sauce" or somethin’….cuz it sure is a great one. Many thanx for yet another wonderful upgrade.

    P.S. — I just recently noticed that whenever I leave a comment at a diarists entry and then go to leave a different diarist a comment also, my login information carries over from one to the other….and I really, REALLY like THAT!

  2. well DONE old chap! A few days too late as I had to delete a couple of comments the other day…

    Hmm now i might go make the one YOU left publicly on my friends only entry, private *teehee*

    Hey ho!
    I feel the urge to do a little spring re-decorating in my diary. I was just wondering if I should wait a while for the new customizer functions to come on line. Any idea of when they might be operational?
    Just a friendly inquiry. No pressure!


    Thanks so much for your diligent pursuit of the betterment of our beloved community!

    Is this "MY" Steve, still writing and working on DD? Someone told me that you and Matt were gone. If it’s you, please give my best to the very pleasant Matt, and give yourselves both a hug. damsel

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