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If your diary exists and contains links to businesses, and appears to have been setup purely for business purposes, it’s not welcome here.
This is a diary site. Not a blog site. It’s intention is for you to chronicle your daily life and let others share your experiences.
I don’t know how to be any clearer. If you reason for using this site is to promote your business then you’ve chosen the wrong place.
Your ‘diary’ will be deleted if this is the case. You have been warned. You will also be marked as a ‘splogger’ which reduces your chances of being able to sign up anywhere else too. So do yourself a favour, and don’t come here to promote your business.

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    if it’s of any help, I’ve noticed that these sploggers diaries all have one thing in common (well, apart from the business links) they have unfilled Side Widget placeholder. Maybe this can be used to filter them out somehow? Not sure how, but just thought, i’d share an observation.
    Granted, some new diaries haven’t got to configure this widget either, but if the unwidgeted diaries can be all filtered out for spam confirmation, it might be easier to manage rather then in the whole big pile of the rest of the diaries? Just a thought, you know.

    Steve, just to say thank you for fixing my subscription – logged in today and found “Your Supporter Status expires on Wednesday, 28th August 2013” *happy smile* thank you!

    I have tested the following workaround:
    created a new diary with the new e-mail address, different from my existing ones. made it private and not intend to update it. Now I seems to be able to be added to read my friends friends only entries. of course, I have to explain to each of them who I am so they can be safe to accept me.
    my tests made me wonder:
    is there a way of setting an automatic template for user’s diary, restricted to just having a new site ID. this way people can register on new site, tick the box “read friends only” and have a valid username and nothing else?
    I do understand this might prevent old users to migrate, since the main reason they might want to move over is currently ability to read friends diaries that have been migrated already.
    however, the negativity around this particular function seems to be preventing them to migrate even more.
    they are scared to mess up their existing old diary, but feel pressured into migration for loosing friends.
    I’ve read few posts reflecting on this lately and it makes me wonder what we can do apart from trying to synchronise usernames in both systems. What are your thoughts?
    I do not want to go around advising people on this workaround randomly, as once they grasp it, they might never want to migrate. besides it might create extra admin work for you too (approval, spam filtering, etc).
    best wishes

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