Progress on the code moves along slowly at the moment, such is the nature of the week, hopefully i’ll be able to make atleast a little

progress in the evenings and at the weekend. Until then, it’s a planning exercise and a dreaming exercise to try and decide what to do and where

to go.

Today I would also like to welcome Steve Brown to the project, atleast initially he’ll be trying to improve my shoddy HTML screens which will take an

immense load of my shoulders allowing me to concentrate on getting the write data flowing in and out of the application so that it is actually functionally

useful (which is always a bonus). Later on, no doubt Steve will be also helping with the coding, once I can convince him of the goodness that is PERL.

A few more test users have started appearing on the system as well so hopefully we can start from the very beginning producing a solid system that isn’t

going to fall over and die the minute we go live (as always happens !!). My thanks to all the testers that are beating this thing up,

your work is appreciated by myself and all of the yet-to-be users !

Our TODO list is growing, and our unfixed bugs list is steadily shrinking. Progress is being made on the smaller features and I’m hoping to have a good

stab at major things such as the configuration interface either during the evenings or at the weekend. Things are looking good and with some of the things that

Steve and I discussed today I forsee an outstanding product in Dear Diary… .

Well, back to the grindstone – just thought i’d keep everyone posted 🙂 (not that ‘everyone’ is anyone at the moment hehe)


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