AtomIC Album Online

Whilst not exactly a DearDiary announcement, this is to let people know that the AtomIC Album is now online, after days of last minute development and testing. Its cost a fortune, but it came out on time and on budget (mostly cos we didn’t have a deadline and definitely no budget ;-))

Also, as a result, if you want to include a picture in your diary you can do so without knowing HTML at all…. Simply include something that looks like the following;

[album 1 lakwal20.jpg]

Would produce;

[album 1 lakwal20.jpg]

and [album 1 lakwal20.jpg thumblink]

will produce a thumbnail of the picture, with a link to the larger picture, like this;

[album 1 lakwal20.jpg thumblink]

Anyone can view the pictures, only Premium Account holders can actually have an album.

The software is version 1.00 – that means to say that we know it is missing a LOT of features. We have a lot in the pipeline to come on with it, for example the ability to group images into logical categories (each author will be able to configure their own category), and improvements to the Search interface. But in the interests of getting it online after Geocities stopped allowing people to link to their images, its there and useable…

Go take a look at🙂


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