Parody Diaries and Equality.

Since the comments left on the last entry basically amount to the same question, (ie do subscribers get privileges to write more offensive stuff than non subscribers), the answer is no. If someone has problems with the content of ANY diary then the [email protected] is the address to write to and we will look into it.

Regarding NastyNick’s diary, the ONLY complaint we’ve had was not about Nicks diary but about a comment left on it. Comments are outside of Nicks control, except to delete them, or not allow them at all in the first place. Perhaps thats the choice he’ll have to make before long… So, regardless of who the diary is aimed at (reference the Hammie (?) or Viivi comment) the administration of DearDiary (me and Matt) simply don’t have time to read everyone’s entries and make sure they are politically correct. IF someone complains, then we will go take a look. To date, the only complaint about Nicks diary has been that of the comments being left… A new comment system is being planned that will address this issue…

So. If people have issues about diaries, particularly when complaining about them being ‘fiscally condoned’ (they are not) perhaps they could have the decency to let US know of their displeasure so that we can go and look. If people wish to accuse us of bias due to the subscription methods, perhaps they should actually investigate the situation first. The subscription screen clearly states that subscribing does not offer you any extra benefit with regard to what you can write and I quote;

Subscription does not alter, in any way, your agreement to abide by the terms and conditions in place for each individual web site operated by AtomIC Systems. In the event of a breach of the terms and conditions by you, which results in your removal from the system, your subscription fee will not be refunded. We should point out that removal from the system is always a last resort anyway!

Or, in other words, the content of a diary abides by the same rules as everyone elses regardless of whether or not someone pays. And I reiterate that the deardiary administration has a policy of non interference. Unless someone complains we will not go looking. Those who are complaining now in comments and backbiting are the very same people that also complain the loudest if we take away their freedom of speech and go checking up on peoples diaries just for the heck of it.

And to answer Cristens comment, YES we do need money. You think running a server and looking after all these children happens for free? What a lovely little world it would be where everyone had everything they wanted and it didn’t cost anything.


To answer Danielle’s questions, the official stance on parody diaries is that if thats what floats your boat and you have nothing better to do with your time then go ahead. Whether thats about me, Hammie(?) or Viivi, Matt or President bloody Bush. However, IF you identify the people concerned, and IF those people complain (or anyone complains) then we’ll look in to it. Comments, or entries involving incitement to cause harm to others, or of a racial or minority nature are not tolerated and never have been, but again unless someone takes the time to let us know, we won’t know and won’t fix it! We are not mind readers and we’re not walking the system every day looking for trouble. If you’d like us to moderate your own diary to check the posts that you put out before you post them, please send us at least £10 per entry to cover our costs and time and we’ll certainly then oblige.

I refer anyone interested in this issue to Our FAQ as this issue comes up again and again. Also you might like to check This Section of the FAQ as well. And I reiterate that subscription as a premium member alters NOTHING in this respect.

Interesting isn’t it? NastyNick has been writing the same kind of entries since January. Subscriptions came in last weekend, some 4 weeks later, but suddenly Nicks diary is now a fiscally condoned one?

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