How to find a User ID

Just a quick addendum to Steve’s entry detailing the cool new photo site we’ve brought on (even if I do say so myself, but that’s ok, cos it’s mostly Steve’s work 🙂 ).

If you want to find someone’s user id (or your own, for that matter) then you should do look at the URL you’re on when you’re reading an entry of the diary.

If the URL looks similar to this:


Then the User ID is the ‘diary’ bit, so ‘279’ is what you are looking for.

If the URL looks similar to this:


Then the User ID is the one shown immediately after the ‘diaries’ bit, so ‘279’ again is what you’re looking for.

And if that isn’t enough subliminal hints for everybody to go to my diary, I give up. <GRIN>

Ofcourse, mail us if you have any problems, questions or anything you want to say!


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