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From: JanuaryGirl
Hey, if we’re using a public image as one of the many backgrounds that we have the option to set will it now show up as a blank square with that link missing icon instead of the image?

PS: Man, I JUST redid my diary graphics too. 😀

No, it shouldn’t change anything you’ve already done. It’ll just remove it from the list of possibles if you went into the customizer again… At least I think thats how it will do it – LOL


From: musik
i think people should not be allowed to make them public, if they have a graphic set they would like to share they should email them to a particular account to be approved and then put on the system. This way you can control to make sure they include everything (all the buttons needed for navigation etc)

Just a thought 🙂


Putting images public requires an approvals process which I go through to allow them to actually become public. Historically if the image loaded and was not offensive it was approved – however given the amount of really quite disastrous images from a web useability point of view that we got, I changed the policy tonight and hence had to revisit the current public images… People had uploaded photo album pictures and for some utterly bizarre reason we’d allowed them to go public…

From: MagicWhiskey
Does this mean you are banishing that jarring 5 inch “previous entry button” that’s a chihuahua head with beady eyes? Can I start cheering now?

Almost certainly yes 🙂

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  1. "I noticed that for some bizarre reason the PRIVATE images that people had uploaded always appeared in the drop down lists at the bottom… I’ve changed this so they’re listed first…"

    ::blink, blink, tears in her eyes:: I love you..

    Just a thought.. Are you going to create a new ordering system as well? The old one made it a bit hard to locate the actual image file on the drop down menu after we viewed it… I don’t know if there’s a way to list the person that contributed it and use that, in alphabetical order or something along those lines, to make it easier to locate a specific image.. IE listing it as something like "DiaryUserNameThatDonatedSaidImage/filename.gif" in the selection drop down menu?

    Just a thought… I don’t know how exactly your code is set up (IE if that would even be possible).

  2. "I’ve also bowed to popular pressure and fixed up the Quicklinks bar so it displays in the colours of your diary!"

    I’m not quite sure what that does, but there again – I’ve only been on for three days -so I’ll check it out immediately.

    This probably has nothing to do with the topic, but I wanted to congratulate you on the seriousness of this site. I’ve only been on it for a few days as I’ve already said, and yet changes for the better seem to be taking place very often.

    Congrats and Thanks!
    Mad World

  3. Cheers to trying some quality control on the graphics you approve. Just an FYI: I suggest looking for someone with the best taste you know of to pick through them for you. Enough with the eysores.

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