Hosting Update

Hi guys,
Thanks for all your kind words and suggestions… Given the fairly obvious interest, we will be offering some hosting packages fairly shortly – details need to be finalised just now and I need to get the Control Panel application up and running so that we can easily add (and keep track of – hahah) new people’s sites…

More details in the next few days – once again, thanks.


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  1. <~~~~~Jostling for place in line….can see Salamander, Aeolian and Allimom approaching and reaching for the plastic too….[album 25074 wavey.gif]

  2. I am fairly new to all this so I am not sure I understand what web hosting would mean to DD.

    Would we still be able to connect with one another via comments and notifies? Honestly, that is my favorite part. I can write a diary at home. What I like about DD is the ability to share and connect with others.

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