I forgot to mention

That moving a server means moving IP addresses. Moving IP addresses of a nameserver means dealing with Network Solutions to get the host record changed.

Dealing with Network Solutions is like selling your soul to the devil only MUCH MUCH more painful.

So we transferred the domains to Easyspace 🙂

However, as a result, we need the old server to keep running DNS for us for a while, but, since it wasn’t listed in the zone files, it never got notified of the zone changes whenever they were made, and so THAT was another area of frustration when changes were being made and weren’t noticed. To be honest, that was probably the biggest problem overall.

I’m pretty ashamed at how badly it all went. I anticipated it being a smooth changeover (a LOT of prep work was done to make sure it did!), but it was FAR from smooth. I am off to hang up my sysadmin badge I think.


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