Security update

In the words of one of the great American philosophers, theorists and mathematicians…


That’s ok ladi 🙂 Thanks for the update though!


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  1. Don’t know where else to post this so here I go:

    "Private comments are viewed by choice!

    The person is snooping for this exact thing, to see if private comments or even private entries have been made.

    It is simple to do — all one has to do is right click the page background and choose "view source" and voila! One can read everything a person has written including the HTML. This can also be done by choosing view on top taskbar of your browser and choose source.

    So, my dear fiend you did not happen upon this by chance, you are playing a game.

    Have a good time of it!


    ps – I am not ashamed of anything I have written, private or not. Read away!"

    pps – This is posted on my Sept 15th entry and anywhere else I can think of…

  2. DDDaaahhhhh ME !:(
    Forgive me, Some said they viewed my private entries…so i started to investigate how this can happen.
    Well, forgetting I was signed into my own diary and checking my own diary. Naturally the private comments would show up.
    Soooo, you can kick me out, shoot me in the bum or whatever else you want to do but i beg your forgiveness for being such a dummie.


  3. Sorry Guys, I thought it was best just to let people no quickly as possible before they wrote something as I had done…
    I understand your point though…
    remember, I didnt do anything but post
    and saw what I did…also I want to make it known
    the only private comments I saw were between
    Ladi, Rony and I… I honestly didnt even "think" of looking for others…Matt, you know Im not computer savey first hand, hope you know I didnt
    look to "breech" security…<s>
    looks as though Im leaving a few days too late…

  4. Regarding the poem, although it’s lovely, I’m sure you’ve all heard the sad news that the story of the five rescued firefighters turned out not to be true after all.

  5. heya. i emailed u guys a few days ago and havent heard anything back. usually u r really prompt. its okay if u r totally overwhelmed with work right now. i’m just worried. get back to me please *smile*

  6. I have a suggestion.. please anyone that feels the same way I do, please suggest this to the nice guys at DD.Net…

    I have had my diary here for a long time.. way over a year now… and I am thinking… a lot of us will stay a long time… this site is very successful..

    so, I believe… a lot of us will stay for years… and support DD.Net…

    so here is my suggestion…

    May we please increase the amount of months to show at one time… currently… it’s set to 12 months… can we please increase this to 2 years? or… more?

    Please please… it’s so difficult to go back through all the entries a year past.. because we have to go back one entry at a time.

    I love you guys… I hope other’s feel the way I do… and hope you guys can do this, without it costing too much.



    Member here since January 2000.

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