Out Of Action

Hi all,
I am shortly to be installed on an aircraft bound for Australia. Given that’s something of a long haul flight (with a stop in Singapore) I shan’t be around if the site goes down… On Saturday I shall be sleeping I suspect and on Sunday I shall be at a birthday party most of the day…

So, at least until Monday – cross your fingers that nothing goes wrong 🙂 If the site does go down I shall have remote access from Monday to be able to check into problems, if you drop a note to support (please use support email for site critical problems, not the forums as they’re not checked as often) and someone can get in touch with me by cellphone.

Let the pommy invasion begin. Muahahahah!


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  1. You don’t have to come all this way to fix our diaries, but welcome to Australia, Steve. Hope we provide some nice weather!
    regards, thubten

  2. It is now Monday, as far as I know the site made it just fine. Whoo Hooo!

    Hope that you had a wonderful trip. I would love to head to Aussie.

    Hugs and Luv

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