Hamipiks Pictures Missing

And a whole lot more besides.

It would seem that the Plesk backup utility is a worthless pile of crap. ( for googles benefit when spidering this article – psadump does not backup everything properly. If you use only psadump and then wipe your system you will lose things ).

Fortunately I took a filesystem dump of the system itself before I had it wiped. Unfortunately it will take me some time to get all the necessary files back on to Hamipiks (and anywhere else that might be missing files). It’s a raw deal when the backup utility you use demonstrates a major failure right when you need it.

I’ve posted the biggest snotgram you’ve ever seen onto the Plesk Forums to alert them of their flaw. I don’t imagine they’ll care too much, it’s not their data.

To answer cpthereturns question, the information is already posted, but it’s now in bold for you… You need do nothing except wait, I have the data, it is just not in the right place at the moment 🙂

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  1. is hamipiks down completely? and does it mean any pics we have on there are gone?

    i have copies of mine anyhow, so i can always upload the ones i want when its up and running again

  2. I had wondered where my pictures were, but just figured it was another temporary glitch in the system. I’m sure glad you are smart enough…or perhaps untrusting enough to back everything up before you go tinkering about. Upgrades just never seem to go without a bump or two along the road do they?

    Snotgram……love it. LOL

  3. Ooh. The new blue is Pretty!

    And I love that term–snotgram. They deserve a huge one for being such lamers, and you deserve a couple hundred hugs.

    (just a few from me, there)

  4. Naturally when things go wrong at DD you are the first person that I point fingers at (lol), so glad you said that it was the server instead, (point me at them and I will tear them to shreads) because half of my pics show up and the other half are ugly x’s.

    Bahhh humbug!

    Please fix it soon 🙂

    as much as i hate the ugly red X’s where my pictures used to be, thank you for the fast update to let us know what was going on!
    yay for snotgrams 🙂

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