Internal Server Errors Once More…

I’ve looked at just about everything I can to pin down the internal server errors, and it can only be some form of server bug that is being tickled. I think it’s down to the way the database is used on the server, in that PHP and Apache both have their own ways of using the MySQL database (normally Apache doesn’t use MySQL but because we use server based authentication to login to the diary, ours does) and I think they’re on occasions interfering with each other and causing this glitch.

As Waterspriteflying has mentioned, if you get the error then generally you can click refresh and it will then give you the page you’re asking for.

I’m working on a totally new DearDiary code base which doesn’t use PHP at all, and given the inability to track this down (due to there being absolutely NOTHING in ANY of the log files to say what’s happened except ‘Premature end of script headers’ – which on a script that works just fine for 99.9% of the time, means it isn’t a script bug!) I think it will have to make the new code development increase in priority somewhat!!

My apologies, in my previous post I mentioned e-mail delays for hotmail and yahoo customers – I’ve seen the same error from AOL as well, so I think it’s probably people using those three providers primarily who may see a delay occasionally. The mail server will continue trying for 5 days before it trashes your message – but as you can imagine with the huge amount of email the server sends out, I don’t bother having anything watching the ‘bounce’ queue these days, so I can’t say whether any one particular message didn’t get there.

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