Anonymous Coward Speaks

We just got this as comment to a previous entry, we feel we should respond.

That’s complete bull.

Diaries…opinions…free speech, right?

If someone wants to leave a comment, they have every right to do so. It is the diarist’s choice to delete the comment and ignore it.

This is possibly one of the most hypocritical things I have ever read.

Thanks for nothing, administrators.

This individual left no name or email address so we cannot contact them directly to respond to this.

I strongly recommend that this person, and anyone who thinks like this go and re-learn the difference between a ‘Right’ and a ‘Privilege’.

The fact that a diarist allows readers to comment on their entries is not a right of the reader, it is a privilege that the diarist is extending to their readership.

The problem that many diarists suffer from is that some less than ‘adult’ users are posing as other respected users or friends of diarists and causing major problems. Then you’ve got people that just won’t take a hint and get lost when a diarist is upset by them. The diarist has the right to a peaceful life, if you don’t like it then just read another diary.

We have tried all kinds of means to encourage readers to be more respectful in their privilage of reading about peoples lives and they have all met with nil response. Therefore we must start bringing on board the technical means to enforce the diarists right to not allow a reader to continue leaving inflammatory comments.

As with anything we do, all changes made to this system are done in deep discussion with readers and authors alike. If anyone has a problem with enforcing readers to have a validated user account in order to leave comments on a diary then please contact our support address so that we can have a sensible discussion about it, we’re not closed minded, you all should know that by now.

Still, receiving that comment gave me a smile, so thanks to whomever you are 🙂 🙂


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