Please read the deardiary1 diary…

Noone is censoring anyone. We are merely saying that if you wish to leave abusive comments then you must stand by them, stand up for them, and be held accountable. If you are not prepared to do that then you clearly do not believe the comments you are making in the first place and therefore why make them?

If you wish to be abusive Marcelle1 then feel free. But be prepared to take the consequences of your actions, like elsewhere in life. The previous system, as explained already, allowed people to be abusive and had NO traceability. Sorry, stopping that is not censorship, it is common decency and common sense. Nowhere else but the internet can you get away with saying rude things to people with no repercussions. Usually those repercussions involve a nice jail sentence if its really abusive, or just a kick in the head if its mildly abusive. Either way, you are accountable for you actions in real life and you will be so here as well.

If you don’t like that, the rule is simple, don’t post your comment…. Ah yes, haven’t we heard this before? Only last time it was aimed at the diarists saying ‘Dont allow comments then’. Isn’t it funny how the shoe now is on the other foot and some people don’t like that?

Too bad. The system is here to benefit the innocent, so they can write their diaries and get constructive, non abusive criticisms if they so desire. Reader Comments where never intended as a flame forum, never intended as a place where readers could hurl abuse at diarists and then hide behind their anonimity. If you have something to say to a diarist but don’t want them to know who you are then guess what….


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