Logging out of Dear Diary

This is a quick how-to, since it’s something that a lot of people email and ask about.

Firstly, in version 3 (the next one) there will be an explicit log-out button, in hind-sight the authentication mechanism that we use to deal with logging in was a mistake and has caused us no end of problems.

Now, if you’re using Netscape you can log out just by closing the browser. Next time you open it you will be asked to log in again. If this doesn’t happen for you then drop us a note with the Netscape version you are using.

If you’re using Internet Explorer (including AOL users) then you need to ‘fix’ your browser as the default settings are, imho, crud!

Go to Tools/Internet Options and select Security.

Click Custom Level, scroll the list displayed down until you see User Authentication. Select ‘Prompt for Username and Password’ (why oh why is this not the default sigh) and click OK a couple of times to get out of those menus.

Now you can just close your IE down (you dont have to disconnect from the Internet or reboot your PC) to log out of the site.

As I say though, a proper Logout button will appear in version 3, indeed it’s already in all of our other sites.

Let me know if you have any problems with these instructions!


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  1. FOR, HE’S Joly good admin……..
    HE’S Joly good admin
    HE’S Joly good admin
    Which no one can deny. EVERYONE!!!

    Hey admin, you are great, always looking out for us, thanks.

  2. Could I just state that this information has been in the FAQ for months and so if people checked there, they would have known already 🙂


  3. hey Thanks for posting this. Also will you put a link to deardiary1 on the front page… just where it says deardiary1? That would be very nice.
    i left something for all of DD administration in ‘dedications’

  4. Hmmm … I’ve just been opening a new browser window and logging in that way. I’ll play with your approach on my home computer tonight (I have no control on my browser settings at work) but it sounds like a whole heck of a lot more work! (grin)

  5. Since the authentication mechanism seems to rely on "in memory" session cookies (as most schemes do interally, to avoid forgetting that you already logged on), there is another approach that works with Microsoft Internet Explorer.

    Simply close all of your browser windows. That will end the "session" and generally cause you to have to log in again, the next time you arrive.

  6. Teacher I have a question,please…*S*
    I’m not using internet explorer or netscape,
    just my "service provider". I think. Does that make sense? I dont know what Im talking about
    which is painfully obvious.~red faced~
    When Im thru I just close. Is that bad?
    Also Im thinking you might consider a dont do list. Such as if theres something I can do wrong
    that can affect the site. I dont even know its possible is it? Thank’s.
    PS: This can wait till Monday,
    I know its fri…*S*

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