GIF's in Atomic Album

In response to a feature request that CastleMistress left for us in the Tickets database I just thought I’d expand a bit on why you can only put JPG files into the Atomic Album system.

There are two reasons, the first is good old money. In order to mess with GIF files we are supposed to have a license from Unisys Corp – which comes in a snip at around $5,000. The second reason is compatibility and it might be because we misunderstood something but basically we haven’t yet been able to get the GIF and JPG modules installed at the same time, it’s one of or the other. Since JPG doesn’t have the license and is more efficient we decided to stick with that one atleast for now.

Your request isn’t lost on us, we’ll try to find a way to allow GIF files somehow and put more information on here when/if it happens.


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