Hello all,

Long time since I did an update in here I think, thought i’d just do a quick update on a couple of things that are currently being progressed:

I’m aiming to release the new Atomic Album tonight, it’s done, tested and working under IE and now i’m about half way running through it all with Netscape to make sure it’s fine under that too (which so far it hasn’t been at all, but oh well 🙂 ). The new one is very different to the current one but I’ll do a proper feature note when it’s actually out 😉

The URL ofcourse is: http://album.atomic-systems.com

We haven’t had much feedback yet on Atomic Album so once 2.0 is online we’d appreciate any and all ideas, suggestions, comments and so forth.

Next up is Talkback – Thank you for everything that’s been said on Article 2, I am hoping that I might get time to write it tonight or tomorrow all things being well with Atomic Album.

Finally everyones favourite question regarding Dear Diary 3, what with moving and all the crud going on with the site I had a break from developing it – just wanted to forget Dear Diary for a while especially in the evenings. Once Atomic Album is online and Talkback is done, I shall be resuming full speed on Dear Diary 3 and try to get that out as soon as I can – though there is still a lot of work to be done so don’t sit on the edge of your seat just yet, you’ll fall off and hurt yer bum by the time i’m done!

That’s all for now!

Take care and stop trying to kill each other! 🙂


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