Opening Email

Incidentally, the BadTrans worm doesnt even require you to open the mail, it exploits a known security hole in Outlook Express to execute the attachment without you actually opening it.

Nice one Microsoft. Another one no doubt you’ll blame lax sys-admins for?

Anyway, anyone using Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express needs to go here and read up.


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  1. I use Eudora and every attachment I get, whether I open it or not, saves itself to Qualcom/Eudora/Attach =/. What a pain in the rear. The two times I have been sent viruses, I have just ran quickly to that file and remove the attachment, then prayed it didn’t manage to send itself onwards before I destroyed it.

  2. Oh I in no way meant DD was the cause of what happen to me!! I know you werent and I never thought you were. It happen as any virus can I guess, but DD in NO WAY was at all responsible.I hope you didnt think I implied it was.Im so sorry if I did, I never even thought that.

    You were all a great help!!


  3. Just a quick question, I don’t think it warrants a "help" request.

    Sometimes my diary headings seem to move back a day, and they don’t make much sense 🙂 Any ideas? They always right themselves eventually, but I wonder if it happens with other diaries too..



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