Announcing the New Plus Account

The new payment system for Plus (what used to be called Premium) accounts is now online.

The payments are accepted through PayPal which is a totally new payment system for us, so if there are any problems please drop us a line to [email protected] and we’ll certainly look into it quickly.

We’ve a raft of new features planned for Plus holders (for those who’ve been waiting for DearDiary 3.0 this will be more like a DearDiary 2.5 – kind of like GPRS is to 3G mobiles :-)) which will be appearing over the next few weeks.

Please note that if you are directed to an AtomIC Systems page you’ve been directed to an outdated link – you should now be paying Hamiko, through PayPal… Drop me a line if you get to an AtomIC Systems page so I can update the link 🙂 (AtomIC are a great bunch but we’d rather you paid Hamiko now ;-))

Any questions, drop me a line as usual 🙂 (Oh, and to answer a quick question from a comment a while back – yes we will be writing a script to migrate links from AtomIC Album to HamiPiks).


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  1. Thanks for the update Steve. I was prepared to go back and modify my links in my diary, but the task looked pretty daunting. This will make the transition very smooth for me.

    If there’s anything we users can do to help with the task at hand, you have only to ask.

  2. I’ve been around here for years in various name forms and have never seen so much action in this update area.

    I don’t understand a lick of the action because it’s written in computer but it sounds for the better.

    So props to you for all the work you’re putting in.

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