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    i need a huge huge huge huge favour
    i left a comment in someones diary and it was meant to be private n i had to edit n i guess id idnt retick the private box and it was made public
    i know u guys can delete comments in ppls diaries can u turn a public one private its pretty important
    its in godsmelody diary and its under buggies user name and yes buggie knows i use her diary n stuff said i was welcome to write in it anytime
    can u please go in and either delete or turn private plz plz plz

    are you guys getting my emails? just curious. i know you are busy trying to sort all of this junk, but i’ve sent numerous emails and am a little puzzled why i haven’t received a reply regarding the franny diary.
    also, i need to tell you that my fire wall reported an intruder attempt from first atomic-systems. when i plugged the url into the search box, it led to a diary that was not set up.
    i will cut and paste the info and leave it as a comment here since i think my yahoo accounts have been compromised. thanks for suggesting i get a hold of the wiredpatrol..(i might have spelled that wrong). they know the situation now and i’m still waiting for a response from them as well.
    you can leave a private comment in djarum (little red tin) and it will go to my atmail account. hopefully that hasn’t been tampered with.
    this entire situation has gotten so out of hand. i just want it to end.

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